Andreas Brockbook

Andreas Brock, 2019

Interesting and inspiring read on how to identify a good company, its way forward and how to access the value. Andreas Brock is a fund manager at Coeli in Stockholm, Sweden and has been ranked one of the best buy-side construction analysts in the world by Extel.


Niels Jensen, 2018

The world as we know it face serious challenges as changes in demographics, high levels of debt, low productivity growth will likely lead to lower investment returns in the 2020s. Niels Jensen is CIO at Absolute Return Partners and have been active in financial markets since 1984. After leaving Goldman Sachs he founded ARP in 2002.


Barton Biggs, 2008

The history of the financial markets and how to survive and prosper in even the most difficult of times. Barton Biggs (1932-2012) was one of the first truly global investment managers. Known for his bearish call on IT stocks in late 1999s while at Morgan Stanley.

Robert Hagstrom, 1999

A valuable and practical primer on the principles behind the focussed investment portfolio. Hagstrom explains the basic principles of how to position for better investment returns and risk understanding as well as the Buffet compounding method.

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